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What is a difference between OSGeo Live DVD and GIS.lab ?

OSGeo Live DVD is trying to package every possible free GIS software in to one portable media and thus provide fantastic tool for presentations or workshops. In opposite, GIS.lab contains only one and the best tool for one task. We focus on seamless integration of all software packages to provide clear, collaborative work flow starting from data creation and storage, towards analysis and project publication on web. We are actively developing new software for our stack (for example GIS.lab Web and Mobile interfaces). Other unique features of GIS.lab like central management or horizontal scaling are totally out of scope of OSGeo Live DVD.

Is there any relationship between GIS.lab and GIS-Lab (

No, GIS-Lab is absolutely different group of very capable and active people, which existed before GIS.lab was started.

Is GIS.lab in production ready state ?

Although we already use GIS.lab for some serious projects, it is hard to use it for production purposes for people from outside of project because of lack of documentation and backward incompatible changes between major releases. This will change with release of version 1.0. If you like GIS.lab and want to use it as soon as possible, please contact us. We will surely find a way to help you.